PS4 Database Corrupted

[Solution]: How To Fix PS4 Database Corrupted?

The (PlayStation) PS4 offers easy access to the best gaming and entertainment platform for game lovers. Whether you want to enjoy online multiplayer gaming with PlayStation Plus, TV shows and stream movies with PlayStation Video, or use your PS4 system as your streaming video hub. However, these gaming platforms are delicate and some users reported errors like the ps4 database corrupted or the database is corrupted to restart the ps4.

If you are looking for how to fix PS4 Database Corrupted then you must continue reading this blog. This blog entitles all about the PS4 Corruption issue, why PS4 error occurs, and what are the methods you can fix with PS4 corrupted database.

If a PS4 has a corrupted database, it will show the following error message:

  • The database is corrupt, The PS4 will now restart.
  • The database is corrupted. The PS4 will restart.

There are multiple reasons for PS4 database corruption errors:

  • Data deletion.
  • Unsuccessful PS4 System Software installation
  • Unsuccessful PS4 System Software update.
  • Corrupt File header.
  • Errors in disk drivers.
  • Network failure while playing online or downloading a game/app.
  • Sudden power surge.
  • Unexpected system shutdown.

As a result, you’ll get a blue screen with a message: “The database is corrupted, restart the PS4”.

Symptoms of PS4 Database Corruption Error:

  • Message PS4 database corrupted and automatically restarts.
  • Slow loading time for the game.
  • PS4 won’t read the disc.
  • Sluggish menu navigation.

How to Fix PS4 Corrupted Database?

Step 1. Turn off the console
Step 2. Boot into Safe Mode
Step 3. Connect the controller to the console
Step 4. Choose Rebuild Database

Methods to Fix PS4 Database Is Corrupted via Rebuild Database

A hard drive has one or more magnetic platters arranged one above another also each and every platter consist a series of concentric tracks from the center going outwards, and each track are further categorized into sectors. Files and different facts are saved in different sectors at the drive. On an HDD with a lot of files, you may have facts from diverse packages scattered throughout and blended up pretty randomly.

When you go rebuild the PS4 database, you’re simply doing the equal precisely as a Windows OS consumer does while defragmenting the difficult drive.

And, when you rebuild the database, you simply reorganize the facts on difficult power which may also restoration diverse troubles at the PlayStation. Hence, rebuilding a database can assist in resolving the PS4 Database Is Corrupted Error.

Also, when you go reconstruct the PS4 database, you’re simply doing constant specifically as a Windows OS user will once defragmenting the laborious drive. it’s the method of revising on the magnetic disk in such a way that each connected file is written on contiguous sectors so the read/write arm of the drive doesn’t pay an excessive amount of time searching for them.

  1. Close the PS4 console completely. And make sure it is “Standby” or “Rest” mode.
  2. Start with PS4 in Safe Mode by pressing the power button and holding it till you hear 2 beeps.
  3. Connect the controller to the console via a USB cable.
  4. Scroll right down to reach the construct information option.
  5. Press the cross (X) button on the controller to begin reconstruction of the database.

    [NOTE]: The rebuilding method could take time, relying upon the quantity of information keep on the hard drive and alternative factors.

Method 2: Delete the PS4 Corrupted Data Manually

The most common reason of receiving this error message is that some file related to your game gets corrupted. And it is required to remove those files to fix the issue.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> System Storage Management -> Saved Data -> Media Player.

Step 2: Enter the media player folder. There should be a memory file with corrupted data.

Step 3: Click the options button and delete the saved corrupted data file.

Step 4: Now exit the media player application and open it again.

How to Avoid Data Loss on PS4?

  1. Upgrade PS4 to a Larger HDD
  2. Back up or clone your PS4 Drive to avoid data loss.

Game consoles are specialized computer systems. Just as you will perform protection in your private computer, so need to you at the PS4. That additionally applies to preceding variations which include the PS3, with most effective a moderate distinction with inside the real method. It is probably a time-eating procedure; however database rebuilding to your PS4 guarantees that your console maintains walking flawlessly. It enables you to keep away from problems so that you can experience your video games without demanding interruptions.

Conclusion –

If you are unable to fix PS4 database corrupted through the above strategies then, at that point it appears to be there’s a genuine equipment disappointment your PS4 is going through. So I suggest keep your device up to date to avoid these kinds of errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Can I recover data from PS4 database corrupted?
Ans: You can only try recovering PS4 database corrupted by rebuilding the database. No third party data recovery software or data recovery service will help you to recover your data.

Ques: What if ps4 cannot rebuild database?
Ans: To rebuild your PS4’s database, you’ll need to start it in Safe Mode. To boot it into Safe mode, press and hold the power button on the front of the console until you hear two beeps. Release the button after the second beep and wait for the “Safe Mode” menu to display.

Que: How to fix corrupted data on ps4?
Ans: Yes you can fix corrupted data on ps4. Check given method 2.