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How Do You Thank Someone For Quick Response ?

Sometimes, when you receive an email whether it is from office or friends or anyone, you may thank that person for their response. Possibly, you will be thankful that they responded quickly or that you received a response to your email. Right ?

Saying “thank you” in response is a great way to make your communication more polite and personal. But dear readers it’s upto you that what kind of response you pursue or how would you like to express your thought and thank someone for quick response.

In this post I have tried to provide you multiple ways of how to thank someone for quick response.

Thank You For Your Prompt Reply

When a customer or colleague replies to your email in a short amount of time, let them know and thank them. If you don’t get a prompt reply, you can remove “prompt” from the message. Or, you can choose to say “Thanks for getting back to us.”

Thank You For Contacting Us

This sentence should be used to begin an email if someone contacts you asking about your company’s services. Thank them for their interest in your company This can also be used to introduce your main topic in an email, when you use the prepositions “about”, or “regarding”. You can say, for example, “Thanks for reaching out to us about our current products or prices.”

Thank you for your quick or immediate response. The information that you have shared with us is useful and basis that we will move forward. We are working to close this process as soon as we can. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We received your email and want to thank you for your quick/prompt reply. We have some query regarding the assigned project. Please let me know when we can discuss it.

  • Thank you for your quick response. We appreciate your concern about this matter. After we have investigated a few other possible causes, we will continue to follow-up.
  • Thanks in anticipation.
  • I am thankful for your timely feedback as it helps us to keep the project on schedule. I will let you know when we are ready for the next review.
  • Thank you for replying quickly! Your willingness to help me with whatever they need is greatly appreciated.
  • Thank you for your timely response! We’ll move on to the next steps.
  • One of our team members will connect you shortly.
  • We appreciate your response. We will review and verify your feedback.
  • Thank you for your response. Our team is awaiting your response on programming projects. I request you please check the trail mail and let us know the further process.
  • Thank you for writing us. Our team is working on the complaint received by you.. I will let you know at the end of today if there are any more questions.
  •  I appreciate your prompt response to my question about scheduling a workshop during the summer with you. I hope it will be more grateful moments with your team.
  • Thanks for your response. This is to inform you that I have already submitted my project on the application link shared by you. Please check there and let me know if any correction or modification.

There are few catchy taglines that you use to make your email effective for thank someone for quick response:

  • I am glad we were able to
  • Your delightful response to
  • I am grateful for
  • Appreciate the time you took to
  • Appreciate the effort you expended
  • Appreciate your sending the
  • Appreciate your quick response
  • Enthusiastic reply to
  • For your help and cooperation
  • For responding to our
  • For your timely response
  • For honoring my request
  • For returning the questionnaire
  • For sending me the
  • For your prompt response
  • For replying to my
  • For taking the time to
  • For your prompt attention to
  • For the information you supplied
  • For your response to our
  • In such a timely manner
  • On such short notice
  • Thank you for
  • To clear things up
  • To answer my questions
  • To resolve this problem


These examples should help you create your thank-you message. It is polite to thank someone for their reply. A short thank you note can suffice. You can also use auto-response email to communicate information while you’re away from the office, or collect applications.