why small businesses need a website

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Website is the collection of web pages and content identified by a common domain name. It is launched on web servers. The notable examples of the website are Google.com, amazon.com, and Wikipedia.org. Websites are dedicated to a particular subject, such as news, commerce, education, or social networking. Hyperlinking between web pages helps consumers while navigating on the site. Users can easily access websites on any device like mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Creating a website is important for small business.

In 1990, the WWW was created by the British CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee. On 30 April 1993, the www was free to access for people for web growth. In the past, File Transfer Protocol and the gopher protocol were used to reclaim user’s files from the server. These protocols provide a simple directory structure that consumers navigate.

Websites are used in various ways: a personal website, government website, business website, etc. Websites can be the work of a person, a small business, or another organization. Some websites require registration or subscription to access the site. The example of subscription websites is social networking sites, gaming sites, small business sites, or any other website that offers other services.

Main Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Website?

Nowadays, everything is accessible on the internet. In 2015, sales from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online retailers observed good online business. According to the reports, there was a 15% increase in sales from the last year. But only 51% of small business have a website, knowing that consumers search online before buying the product.

Website is imperative for a small business for profits and development. The website helps in promoting business products globally. Moreover, it allows differentiating themselves from the competitors. According to website design services in UK, the website is an important asset for small business. It helps to share information, build credibility and stand out in the market.

According to a report, 97 percent of small businesses with a website recommend other small businesses to establish a website. Here’s why:

  • Find Customers

A report found that 88% of small businesses agree that a website makes it easier for customers to find their businesses. Nowadays, consumers are constantly using smartphones and search for products and brands. A strong website helps them to find your business. And it also helps them to learn about your business and its services efficiently.

The competition is tough, and the content is key to success. Google has changed its algorithms to provide a better user experience. Good and helpful content indicates search engines about your sites and helps rank higher in SEO. That means to gain leads. It’s important to offer good content with SEO metrics.

  • Build Credibility

The website helps small business to build a strong online presence for your business. You can develop an online existence on social media websites. A website is a great way to increase sales and revenue for the business. It provides flexibility, branding, and credibility. 84% of customers say that a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page.

  • The Website Can Provide Social Proof

It’s good to have social proof like a Facebook page or Twitter account. But, when people are searching over the internet, it’s great if they can find your website. This is where you can add happy client’s testimonials and feedbacks.

According to studies, it has been proven that customers research before buying a product. When you offer testimonials and feedbacks, it will create trust and loyalty. And it will leverage customers to engage with your brand. That is the object a website is imperative for small business.

  • You Can Improve Your Customer Support

Yes! The website can improve customer care services. It’s a great way for small businesses to interact with their clients and serve them better. You can have online chats with the help of the website. It will improve the way of communication with clients and save time and money.

If you have a small business selling service, then you can set up a ticketing system. It will help in organizing requests and keep your consumers happy.

  • Save Time

Either you sell products or services, websites are essential for the business. It saves a lot of time and effort by answering customer’s problems.

Doing it practically in a hectic schedule can be a daunting task. And answering questions on the phone or by email takes time. But websites eliminate the entire problem and make the work straightforward. And responding immediately adds value and creates a positive impression. That’s leverages customers to engage with your business often.

  • You Can Save Money

Small business on a tight budget can save money by creating a website. Website eliminates the need for print marketing material. The things you print can easily be provided on your website.

When I say everything, that means everything…

Suppose you want to offer discount coupons. No issues, you can provide a discount as a pdf. Are you creating a new catalog? No problem, you can launch it on your site, where users can download it in pdf format.

Moreover, by establishing the right marketing campaigns, you can target an audience in less time. And leverage them to engage with your brand and take a specific action.

  • Your Business Is Never Closed

Ecommerce has changed the world as we know it at the moment. The advantages are over the top, especially when you compare it with brick-and-mortar retail shopping. Henceforth, people prefer to shop online rather than going out of their homes. A website is an effective method to expand the business, as it offers service 24/7 to the audience.

That’s the reason many small businesses create websites. And I recommend every marketer to establish an online presence to expand their business and increase sales.

  • Your Business Can Now Do Business Globally

Website is great for small business to expand globally. It allows you to reach a bigger market easily without moving location. With an e-commerce store, you can sell products online and ship the product to customers anywhere around the world. You might find out that consumers in a neighboring city or state are interested in your services. According to statistics, 81% of small businesses say that a website helps to grow a business.

  • The Website Helps to Fulfill Your Brand Promise

According to surveys, it has been proven that ecommerce is the fastest growing element of the economy. The statistics show that’s in 2020, ecommerce sales were around $791.7 billion, with an increase of 34% from 2019.

The online presence reflects business values and generates trust between the brand and the customer. It helps to show the uniqueness of a brand and offer a better user experience. That will separate you from the competition.

That’s the reason a website is essential for small business.

  • Your Competitors Have a Business Website

If you aren’t careful, maybe your competitors overtake you. If you still do not believe that website is essential for small business. This one will help you realize the importance of a website.

Customers search online before buying. So if your competitors have a website, there are chances majority of consumers buy from them.  That’s the reason you need a website to interact with consumers online and stay ahead of your competitors.


If you are still thoughtful why small businesses must a website, I expect you have acquired enough reasons to get your online business. Also, I hope you like the article and found it useful.