Online Communication

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication?

Online Communication has grown so much, and due to Covid, it is growing at a very fast pace. Online communication tools let us interact with others without meeting them in person.
Nowadays, even Schools and College Classes are running through online communication channels.
It’s a perfect fit for anyone no matter if you are a student, teacher, professional, or even a businessman.

Online communication is a mix of many tools, Videos, Audios, Text, and Computer technology that allows us to connect with others irrespective of their geographic location and time.
You must have made your decision, that it is the best way to communicate. Right? Don’t rush to make your final decision, and let me tell you the pros and cons of both and then chose which channel is best.

Many also believe that it lacks emotional interaction, it’s hard on the eyes, costly, etc.
Let’s get deep into this topic and understand the Pros and Cons.

Advantages of Online Communication:

Online Communication is cost-effective as compared to offline interaction. Because in Offline meeting you need to meet others in person.
It involves time, travel cost, rent of the meeting places i.e. conference room and so many other costs.
But there is no such cost in online interaction, you just need your mobile phone and internet connectivity.

Location Friendly
Technology nowadays has grown so much, it allows us to connect with anyone from different corners of the world. Internet connectivity is everywhere nowadays.
And many platforms allow you to meet online whether it’s a formal meeting or a friendly informal meeting.

Gadget Friendly
You can start an online conference from any device whether it’s a phone or computer.
It gives a kind of freedom because its usage is not limited to computers only.
Those who don’t have a computer can also meet in online conferences.

It increases productivity
You will agree on this point that businesses’ efficiency somehow depends on communication.
Lately, most of the conversation happened through emails and phone calls but now video calls are a better alternative.
Video conference allows conversating properly and effectively which ultimately results in better decisions, fast and proper execution.
Nowadays not just communication, even marketing is being done though online channels and it is known as digital marketing.
Let’s move on to another point.

Bonding with customers
Thanks to this Video conferencing technology, companies are now able to leverage this technology and make personal bonding and loyalty with customers which were not possible in offline communication.

Disadvantages of Online Communication:

Time Consuming
One of the biggest problems with the online conference is prior planning is necessary for a successful video conference.
For a successful online meeting, internet connectivity should be good and every gadget such as a microphone, video camera should be in proper condition and placed in a perfect place.
Failure in any of them is sufficient to make an online meeting unsuccessful.

Lack human interaction
When you are in a conference room you can pay attention to who is listening to you or not, who is getting what you are talking about. But it lacks in an online meeting.

Individuals may find online forums ineffective
Because it takes longer than a spoken conversation to respond to all of the points in a message, it’s easy to leave questions unanswered.
We haven’t seen any proof of this. Indeed, we would argue that written responses typically provide a far greater opportunity to develop a far more extensive and broad response than verbal interaction. The depth and breadth of responses are frequently constrained by the time limits of verbal discourse.

For those who are accustomed to being spoon-fed, online forums can feel aimless

Participants who are used to being told what to do by a teacher or instructor may find an online forum to be a leaderless atmosphere, which is where tutors come in.
This is a fascinating subject and one where online citizen involvement still has a lot to learn. I’ve previously written about the many “governance” arrangements that an organization might use to connect with its forum community.

For people who prefer to study in groups, online forums might feel lonely and isolating.

Some people prefer to learn on their own and avoid participating in group conversations.
One of the major advantages of online forums over face-to-face learning environments is the ability to sit back and absorb a comment or question before responding at one’s leisure.
The protectiveness of a mixture of “comfort” characteristics – anonymity, timelessness, their place, etc. – frees participants who may otherwise feel ashamed, scared, or overwhelmed by their interlocutors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication Should be weighted against various parameters.
As I have already told you, you can now find whether it a great fit for you or not.