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[Solved]: How to use Whatsapp for business marketing?

This blog entitles a complete knowledge of How to use Whatsapp for business marketing? Continue reading this blog to know the interesting facts of Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

Are you stepping up into world of social channels, WhatsApp is one of the prime channel which is used for business. In the world the way of communication has been changed with the social platforms.

When you think to the social channels the sites comes in the mind first are – Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin etc. These are the most famous social channels used to know the trends, what friends and other persons are doing, what’s new in market and obviously to use message, chat, calling with friends and family.

As per the study of 2019(sumo.com); here is a concrete data:

Facebook has 1.65 billion active users. And you market there.

WhatsApp has 1.2 billion active users. And you market there.

Twitter has 310 million active users. You probably market there, too.

LinkedIn has 100 million active users. You’re on there, connecting and endorsing people for skills like “Excel Spreadsheets” and “Eating.”

WhatsApp is a leader in the world of social media channel and it is used by more than 1.2 billion users globally also lots of the business are using WhatsApp as a part of their business communication. It is provides an app based solution which comes with free SMS texting, calling, video calling, and more other amazing features.

Even now most of the people are more active in WhatsApp than Facebook. Also marketers use WhatsApp for marketing purpose.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business Marketing ?

  • Internal communication with the team – Every business leader / teams are required to be in touch with their employee so it is a great platform as everyone is easily available on WhatsApp easily. And there in no requirement to ping individually, a group can be created for all office communication.
  • WhatsApp for customer communication – If you do your follow-up on WhatsApp instead of direct phone calls, you can get prompt response from the customer. For example- Suppose you have sent a quotation to the customer but not getting the response. Then what you will do, will you again send follow up email or call the customer. So instead of doing this you can just do short messages to the customer about the progress or status of his/her case. Might be you will get the immediate response.
  • Use of WhatsApp for customer support – You can showcase WhatsApp number for immediate help and support. This way the customers can resolve their query in shortest time. Raising the ticket and follow the procedure takes more time than usual. And it irritates customers, sometimes.

However using WhatsApp for customer support is not good for all types of business, so first analyse what type of business you have. If you are running a large business firm then it won’t be suitable for you.

  • Use whatsapp for marketing and promotion – WhatsApp is a great tool  for promoting product and service. You can use WhatsApp to send promotional images, text messages, audio files, short videos of your products to users across the world. Unlike emails or sms, there is less restriction on the format and delivery chances are higher.

You can create a group of loyal users. Those who want to get new updates of your collection and you can send message to them. Flooding lots of text messages, images would not work, so check the response of your audience then plan the activity accordingly.

On the basis of your business, you have to think more creative ways to market your products and services in WhatsApp.  You can run some contest, give them prize. It will help you to engage more with the customer.

  • Connect across your family audience – If you are planning for opening a shop like food corner then you can spread it to all your family members and relative to help you. The more you make connection the more your business will be famous. You can open to one option “order in WhatsApp”.  It will help customer to order food in the shortest time.

 I have seen most of the small business holders are using this kind of activity with success.

Well, I have explained all the possible methods to use WhatsApp for business marketing. This world is full of thought so think something real about it, might be you will find a great path.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the most active age group in WhatsApp?
    The age between 25-34; is the most active age group in WhatsApp.
Whatsapp for business marketing

2) How can I promote my business via Whatsapp for business marketing? Give an example?

Check the below screenshot to understand how can you promote your business using whatsapp for business marketing.