What Is The Importance Of Google Reviews?

[Updated]: What is the importance of Google Reviews?

If you want to understand what is the importance of google reviews then this blog is for you.

Want to purchase a mobile phone, electronic equipment, latest fashion wears or select a movie to watch? It becomes distressed sometimes when you are not updated about the latest trends of any of the above-mentioned things or when you are stuck between two or multiple choices. Where to go? Who will advise the best?? 

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Here comes into picture “Reviews” of those who have already used these products or services or who are experts of these fields and have technical know-how about the minutest aspects of what is abuzz in the market. These people can provide relevant information in form of their reviews about a product/ service or a business/ franchisee and all other similar sorts of technical know-how. These people may be a set of grateful customers or a set of people who feel hoodwinked or had been victimized by alluring promises. They openly express their views in the internet space to let others know about how useful things are and how to have these products/ services changed or affected their lives in a positive or negative manner. These reviews are not just limited to post usage, there is a flourishing community also who with their understanding and knowledge of the domain field, do like to help others or create a change in the lives of others in their own style or manner by giving their reviews, so as to help people in taking decisions. All these can be broadly categorized in form of “Google Reviews”.

Nowadays, Google reviews are important and they can give a business the necessary credibility to become a renowned brand or help boost its sales without spending money. It can increase your online reputation and make your business and services a buzzword and popular among the masses.

It may not be self-generated but it can be earned from customer.

What are the benefits of Google Reviews?

  • Google reviews increase the brand trust
  • Google reviews manage Online Reputation
  • Google reviews provide an Idea of what is more required to be done or you are right or wrong in your approach.
  • Google reviews  helps to improve CTR

How Google reviews increase the brand trust ?

Google reviews of any business are transparent and easily accessible. Most of the customer prefers to check Google reviews and rating before obtaining product or services. They get an idea about your product or services whether it is good or bad from these reviews. Good Google reviews and ratings can influence potential customers.

Google Reviews is directly proportional to brand trust. That means if you have good Google reviews then people will trust you more.

How Google Reviews Manages Online Reputation ?

Obviously, you can ask your customers to provide Google reviews. Your expectation will be for good reviews. But it will be decided by the customers whether they want to provide good or bad reviews. Customer can freely give their feedback. Or they can share their story like how your business helps them or vice-versa.

Among various competitors, if you have a good rating then people will trust you more and this can create an impression in potential customers’ minds about the good reputation of your business, which can further help in decision making.

In this context, your quality and prompt services along with customer interaction in terms of feedback and continuous improvement can also build a good online reputation.

How Google Reviews provides an Idea what you are doing right or wrong?

Most unhappy customers leave low ratings or bad reviews due to various reasons. Receiving low ratings or negative reviews can also help your business to understand, identify and apply the corrective measures in order to grow. You can learn from negative reviews and improve your services so that you will earn more customers.

How Google Reviews helps to improve CTR?

One can search on Google and check your business review. What are your customer recommendations and what they felt after availing product or service from you? After reading multiple reviews about your business, customers can think to visit your website. So, if you have good reviews then chances that people will click to visit your website and avail services are far brighter.

Does Google Reviews helps to increase Local SEO ?

The answer is “Yes” to a large degree, it helps. But, there should be an understanding of the fact that only traditional SEO activities like keyword research and blogging may not suffice. These both are important and their usage of an application still holds a significance of a prominent degree and gravity but mediums like Google reviews had brought a paradigm shift in approach. This is mostly because the reason that reviews allow your business to appear in the local Map Pack, which apart from other things consists of the total number of google reviews in addition to the average ratings amongst the group of businesses near the location of the search.

How To Respond Google Reviews?

  1. How To Respond a Positive Google Reviews
  2. How To Respond a Negative Google Reviews

How to Respond a Positive Google Reviews ?

Well, there are obviously two different types of reviews and they are positive once from the highly satisfied customers and as a special gesture, we need to be thankful for they availed services with us and need to address with a thank you message as they took out time to mention about our products and services and how positively they got benefited after the usage.

How to Respond a Negative Google Reviews ?

The second type of reviews is the one which in a sense are irritated customers and those who felt that they have not got the value of money. These people need to be taken extra care of and it must be ensured that their genuine problems are addressed promptly and it will be worth noticing and will put us in the driving seat, if only a single such customer after getting the resolution, turns to be a happy customer at the end and validates our efforts on google reviews.

How to remove Google reviews that do not belong to your business?

There are people, businesses who can try to infiltrate or infringe into our positive image or our right to thereby capitalize (in form of reviews) the services we gave to the customers by putting in a lot of effort. This infiltration can be in form of fake reviews on google reviews attributing wrong or false information, so as to malign our business and its popularity, for they being the competitors. These people or businesses can be dealt with by the “flag inappropriate” option provided by Google.  This can be done, as follows:

  1. Go to Google.
  2. Search your business listing.
  3. Click on Google Reviews.
  4. Find the Reviews that you’d like to flag.
  5. Place your cursor over the star rating.
  6. Click Flag as inappropriate. . Then explain what type of violation you’re reporting.
  7. And submit.

How to Flag an inappropriate Google Review in Google Maps

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Search your business listing.
  3. Locate the google review that you want to flag.
  4. Click More and Flag as inappropriate.

How to Flag an inappropriate Google Review in Google Search

  1. Find your Google business listing.
  2. Click on Google Reviews.
  3. Find the google review that you want to flag.
  4. Mouse over the star rating.
  5. Click Flag as inappropriate.
  6. Then explain what type of violation you’re reporting and give your details like email id.

The Glory of Good Reviews: Advantages of Google Reviews

Through Google Reviews boost your business and stay ahead of the competition ever. Experience the advantages of Google Reviews for yourself by reaching out to your clients/customers today!